What is your opinion on outdoor

What is your opinion on outdoor sound system?

T.I Audio will say: Of course, first of all, it must be 100% waterproof, so that the audio can work perfectly in various weather. But what we think is more: Audio is art, it is to bring you all the sensory enjoyment. It's the perfect sound, it is "love at first sight"

T.I Pro Audio Co.,Ltd is a global sound designer, Manufacturer of High quality audio equipment. Our company is into audio export business for more than 10 years and enjoy high reputation all over the world. We provide a range of sound system which named as “T.I Brand”and has been sold to more than 100 countries.


This year, Our company launched a new line array series with 100% waterproof design, called “ MAX ”

The MAX series is a work of art created by our engineers and R & D team. In order to meet the needs of different outdoor events, we tested all products countless times and finally met with you.


All the acoustic structure, workmanship, Sound effect, all with high level which can reach European standard.

If you love them when the first time you see , it ’s the success of this product.

The most powerful model of MAX series is MAX 215 (three way dual 15 inch)

MAX215 was born for big outdoor events, such as concert, church, crusade, etc. With 100% waterproof design, it can be used in strong sunlight or heavy rain without worrying about any safety problem.



LF:2 *ND15”Neodymium driver  MF : 2 *ND10”Neodymium driver  HF : 2 *ND3”Neodymium driver


We hope that every detail can give customers a perfect experience. All of our designs reflect our attitude towards the product: we focus on every detail to make professional audio



In production: 



This product is very popular after its launch because of its unique patented appearance and perfect sound. And quickly occupy market share. Help large projects get powerful and perfect sounds


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