Three reason to choose T.I LA line array series

If you ask what makes T.I Audio turning famous, one of the main reason and people talking about is that their line array system is performance good in every country, every occasion.


Here are three reasons for WHY people should choose T.I Audio LA series.


First, LA series has a long history in T.I Audio industry.Selling for more than 10 years and till now have 6 model, passive and active, available can use for all kinds of events. And been updated to higher quality every year.


LA-210: Dual 10 inch two way line array, passive&active available, which wins the T.I No.1 Hot seller every year. 


Sold to more than 100 countries give more spotlight to this model. And this year new looks give more artwork and sound structure add to its value with the same price.



LA-123: LA-123 dual 12" Point source speaker. 


Simple and convenient.Is use for club, opera,cinema,church and so on.


LA-212: Dual 12 inch three way passive line array.


LA-12: Single 12 inch two way line array, passive and active available.

LA-110: Single 10 inch two way line array, passive and active available. 


Which suitable for hotel, club, coffee shop, wedding, live concert, church and so on.

And the new look 2020 with LA-110&LA-118P, 2+1 system gains much attention from customers.With 2 pieces single 10 inch LA-110 line array top with one LA-118P single 18" bass, convenient to move and use.

LA-2122: dual 12 inch two way line array, passive and active available.


Second reason:


Many people might interesting in price now, a good news is that LA series will maintain the high standards with least price.


To get the best goods with least money is always T.I Pro Audio mission.Make T.I to the top in the world.


So the main differences between LA series and Max series are the price and little details, so if you want cost-effective products with right budget, LA series it's reliable, high cost-effective, Europe standards, clear sound quality, high return will be your best choose.

Last but not least, if you have chance to see, feel and hear the system, you will be touch by it's details, sound, and the long term use materials which made them.

With all birch plywood enclosure, polyurethane paint for 6-10 times, high level neodymium driver units, from inside to outside focus on every detail to match high standards.

Are you looking for more reasons?


These events and customers will prove to you. Such as Mali president event:

T.I Audio with Uganda president:

Artist Diamond Platnumz:

More events:

Feedback from customers(good reputation in Europe and USA as well):

T.I Pro Audio not only provides you with the perfect solution for project and events, but also provide one by one professional consultant.One stop solution, just for you.


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