EDM concerts in Vietnam on Sep 23,2018.

One night have 100,000 people watching this show£¨40,000 audience inside this show.—›≥™�6.jpg





With T.I Pro Audio 32 pieces LA-12 single 12'' line array
T.I Pro Audio 16 pieces LA-210 double 10'' line array
T.I Pro Audio 26 pieces LA-218A dual 18'' subwoofer
With T.I Pro Audio Full Set Power Amplifiers setting.





Famous singers and DJs as below
Đ®§m vĩnh Hưng
Ưng ho®§ng Ph®≤c
Thu Thuỷ
Vương Bảo nam
DJ Trang Moon 
DJ Mai Thỏ
DJ Miu miu 
DJ Tracy